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Inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture and it's opposite:  the free form of nature, Darya, a self taught, multidisciplinary artist, designs her creations around the desire to accent the beauty of the women who wear her work.   "I love hearing from women that they 'wear my jewelry all the time' for the simple reason that 'it's so easy to wear.'


Island raised (Cortes), Darya now lives in Royston on Vancouver Island and works from a small studio on her property.  "I enjoy going out to my little space and developing designs.  I have a love of brass, due to my love of mid century modern design, which has heavily influenced the use of brass in my creations.  I still appreciate the classic look of sterling silver and the wild nature of copper, but the warm tones of brass is my favorite.  It seems that midcentury design drives my creativity."

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"Design creates culture.  Culture shapes values.  Values determine the future."  Robert L. Peters